the two building blocks of CancerCase® are the virtual database with it´s digital application and the real-life Academy. the Academy is the place where experts actually meet to discuss the latest innovations in oncology. in other words - what the database holds, the Academy brings to live.

The concept of the Academy is twofold: on the one hand, the tumor type specific Expert Circles and on the other hand, the interdisciplinary CancerCase Forum.


the Expert Circles are cancer type specific discussion rounds, structured all around real world patient cases. the meetings are limited to a small number of participants and are on invitation only.









the Forum has a broader spectrum of topics and addresses a larger audience. it´s main focus areas are personalized health care and precision medicine. the Forum tries to put the latest innovations in pharma and diagnostic in context with clinical reality. these meetings are deliberately interdisciplinary and open for all medical professionals as well as representatives from the industry.