the term precision medicine is used to describe a highly customized and patient centric approach of healthcare. precision medicine takes into account variables such as a patient's genomic makeup, demographics and lifestyle to decide specific treatment paths that may be more effective for an individual patient.

CancerCase® is an evolution of the long lasting tradition of medical case reports packed into state-of-the-art 21st century technology.  

A digital platform that serves as a publication medium as well as a searchable database. CancerCase® is custom-built for the age of precision medicine - it enables clinical oncologists to easily publish case reports and find evidence on the rarest genetic markers and newest therapeutic agents. all features in one application - CancerCase® - experience exchange on a global scale.   

CancerCase® features in a nutshell

  • publication medium and searchable data base 
  • free to use for all registered medical doctors world wide
  • accessible with any device at anytime, from anywhere in the world

CancerCase® is based on the valuable tradition and concept of medical case reports. the core element is a classical case report that includes patient & disease information as well as treatment decisions and outcomes

CancerCase® has three main functionalities

  • publish anonymized patient cases
  • browse through patient cases 
  • search the data bank for specific drugs, targets and patient characteristics

all you need to do is register, upload a scan of your medical ID for verification and allow up to 24 hours to activate your account. 

please note: CancerCase® is based on reciprocity! everybody shares - everybody benefits! 

    CancerCase® is a free but restricted access database - only registered and approved medical doctors will be granted access. 

    CancerCase® is built as a responsive website application and can be used on PC as well as on any mobile device. but there´s more to come - a CancerCase®  mobile application will shortly be available for download in all major app stores - please stay tuned!

    our goal is to provide you with the broadest knowledge base possible - therefore, we will not limit the scope of CancerCase® in any way! having said that, we do want to point out, that CancerCase® aims to support the implementation of precision medicine. in that sense, at least one treatment line/one drug choice should be guided by a genomic target or biomarker to meet the ultimate objective.

    Due to missing data in EHRs, RECIST is not an option when it comes to Real World Data assessement. So, the challenge is to find the right proxy for cancer progression that can be derived from information available in routine clinical care. In order to ensure the highest quality and consistency across all our data sets we decided to follow the recommendation of Griffith et al (Adv Ther, 2019, 36:2122–2136) and use Real World PFS (rwPFS) as our surrogate marker for cancer progression.

    Real World PFS (rwPFS) is defined as the time from treatment line start to the date of the first documentation of real world progression (rwP) or death.

    please note: rwPFS is a clinician anchored approach supported by radiology and clinical data.

    For reference: https://link.springer.com/content/pdf/10.1007%2Fs12325-019-00970-1.pdf

    the "treatment of interest" is the treatment line that has the most significance - it represents the actual subject of the patient case. when you create a case report, you will be asked to mark one treatment line as the “treatment of interest” (tick box at the right hand side). please decide which treatment line stands out and has the most important learnings for your peers.

    NO! we want to avoid an artificial bias towards cases with positive treatment outcomes. please share treatment successes as well as treatment failures. case reports with undesired treatment outcomes are equally important to get a better understanding of the therapeutic value of newly discovered genomic targets and the efficacy safety of the latest therapeutic agents.

    NO! CancerCase® uses anonymized patient data only - the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation (EU) 2016/679) does not restrict the use of anonymized information. once data is truly anonymized and individuals are no longer identifiable, the use of data will not be restricted by the GDPR.

    YES! we have established a review process for every single patient case that is submitted to CancerCase. each case report is subject to a thorough plausibility check by a specialist prior to being published. if we find inconsistencies in the data we will reach out to the author and clarify the issue - during that period the case will be on hold!

    please note: we are doing everything in our powers to provide our service with the highest standards of quality and integrity - but ultimately we have to rely on the integrity of our users as well. if we have good reason to believe that access to CancerCase is abused by any user we will terminate the respective account and block the user permanently.  

    CancerCase® is currently financed by its founders.

    however, to be able to expand our services we are looking for future partner- and sponsorships as well as donations. if you are interested in a professional collaboration or want to donate money to support CancerCase® please contact us via email at office@cancercase.net

    we highly appreciate your support!