Vision & Mission


Precision Medicine and Real World Data

we live in exceptional times - the exponential growth of computational and analytical power has sparked a massive transformational shift in medicine - especially in oncology. as a consequence, the traditional system of evidence generation and knowledge transfer is about to reach its limits. in other words, we have a linear system that faces an exponential challenge

to deliver on the promise of precision medicine, new approaches of evidence generation and knowledge building are imperative. the utilization of real world data (RWD) has proven to be the perfect fit. in fact, RWD has already become an essential resource to inform drug approvals, label extensions and treatment guidelines.

real world data is an abundant resource - however, availability and access is an issue. one might think that the clinical oncologists have widespread access to the latest information to help inform their treatment decisions. but that's not the case - the majority of clinical data are stored on isolated hospital computers or restricted servers. only a fraction of highly valuable patient cases are actually published and made available to a larger audience. 



linear vs. exponential

the current system of knowledge transfer is challenged by the exponential reality of precision medicine 


Real world data

real world data has become an essential resource to inform drug approvals and treatment guidelines


Access Denied

the majority of real world data is inaccessible - stored on isolated hospital computers or restricted servers


we have identified a growing mismatch between the exponential progress of technology and the linear mode of implementation. the rate at which new therapeutic agents come to market is exceeding the capacity of the individual clinician to keep up with innovation. 

a paradigm shift is long overdue - we need to establish a much more open system of knowledge transfer and experience exchange on a global scale. only a true democratization of real world data and a system in which clinicians have unrestricted access to the latest knowledge will unlock the full potential of precision medicine.


Paradigm Shift

the rate of innovation is outpacing the capacity of the system - a paradigm shift is long overdue


Unlock Potential

to unlock the full potential of precision medicine, clinicians need free access to global real world data


Democratizing Data

we need to establish a true democratization of clinical real world data


key enabler for the implementation of precision medicine will be the transformation of individual experience into collective knowledge. all it takes is a change of mindset and a fit-for-purpose application - let us take care of the latter! 

our mission is to provide the means necessary for free and borderless knowledge transfer. we want to make sure, that those at the forefront of oncology - the clinical oncologists - have all the latest information at hand to make the best informed treatment decisions in the ultimate interest of their patients. that's why we´ve created a global experience exchange platform - a digital application that serves as a publication medium as well as a searchable database. 

the application is called CancerCase®- and that's our mission - WE SHARE EXPERIENCE!


collective knowledge

transforming individual experience into collective knowledge


experience sharing

enabling peer-to-peer experience exchange 


Decision Making

enhancing decision making at the point of care